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Ultra Instinct Joy--- Happy Mushin! by Zecrus-chan Ultra Instinct Joy--- Happy Mushin! :iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 56 10 Poopy-chan by Zecrus-chan Poopy-chan :iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 15 1 Nani?!---A Peculiarly Angry Emoticon Face by Zecrus-chan Nani?!---A Peculiarly Angry Emoticon Face :iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 10 0 Kawaii Kitty---Cute Heroic Cat Burgular! by Zecrus-chan Kawaii Kitty---Cute Heroic Cat Burgular! :iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 36 3 Summer Pink-Toned Lightning! by Zecrus-chan Summer Pink-Toned Lightning! :iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 42 6 Miora Han---Professional Screamer! by Zecrus-chan Miora Han---Professional Screamer! :iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 40 12
Al Father (Part 1)
Hello...My name is Jeff.
I am a local psychologist, working in the most magical place on earth, where dreams come true...Chuck E Cheese. I work there as an emotional consultant for the workers, as they all suffer from Bipolar depression, from the children's happy attitudes. They all want to kill themselves...because of the happy, happy children. It makes me feel sad yet happy at the same time, from the inside out.
In fact, I hate my job...I want to go home now. I start to shake all of the sudden. Every inch of my mind, body and soul...begins to shake. I can't stop...this is making me very excited. I get so excited, I begin to wet myself. I can't stop! I won't stop! I stop!
Everything is too much as I need to scream! My body clenches and I scream the death...of Mufasa's death.
I screamed the death...of Mufasa's death. I screamed...and I died...forever!
I wake up the next morning!
---To be continued----
:iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 2 2
Chaotic Sadist Mandy! by Zecrus-chan Chaotic Sadist Mandy! :iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 63 2 Battle Ready Adult Cree Lincoln! by Zecrus-chan Battle Ready Adult Cree Lincoln! :iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 34 7 Celtic Casual Lightning! by Zecrus-chan Celtic Casual Lightning! :iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 88 6
Umbran Lovers Episode 1/Scene 7
Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic the Hedgehog series)
Aqua(Kingdom Hearts series)
Lightning(Final Fantasy series)
Bayonetta(Bayonetta series)
Disgust(Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out)
Mandy*26 years old* (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
----Scene Start---
-----At Shadow’s Apartment Complex: 7:30pm-----
(Aqua and Shadow are walking towards the hallway, towards Shadow’s apartment door. Both are utterly exhausted, as they walk toward Shadow’s apartment.)
Shadow: *Sigh*
Aqua: I feel the same.
Shadow: I’m sorry for the way I acted.
Aqua: Hey, it’s alright! You were entitled to most of it.
Shadow: I’m especially sorry about how I acted towards you. You didn’t deserve it.
Aqua: Shadow, it’s ok. Don’t worry about it. *gives a warm smile*
Shadow: *sigh* Alright.
(Both Shadow and Aqua arrive at the door. Sha
:iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 1 0
Umbran Lovers Episode 1/Scene 6
Umbran Lovers SIXTH SCENE
Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic the Hedgehog series)
Aqua(Kingdom Hearts series)
Daffy Duck(Looney Tunes series)
Officer Jenny(Pokemon series)
---Scene Start---
Setting: Buffalo Police Station: One Week after the “Accident”
(Shadow and Aqua walk into the Police Station to bail out Daffy. After the explosion, Daffy was arrested for alleged terrorism)
Shadow: This is the crappiest week, I have ever experienced!
Aqua:*sigh* You’re telling, me. I’m just glad no one was severely hurt.
Shadow: Like us?!*says angrily*
Aqua: Shadow, I know you’re angry. I am too at Daffy for doing this. But, we promised Joy to not go off on him. Let’s go in, bail him out, drop him off at Joy’s house, and go home.
Shadow: Couldn’t say it better myself. Especially, since we have to bail him out with our own money.
Aqua: She did say that she would pay us back. And, I trust her.
:iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 0 0
Umbran Lovers Episode 1/Scene 5
Umbran Lovers FIFTH SCENE
Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog series)                              Disgust(Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out)
Joy(Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out)                                
Lightning(Final Fantasy XIII)                                                    Falco Lombardi(Star Fox series)
Aqua(Kingdom Hearts)             
:iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 0 0
Umbran Lovers Episode 1/Scene 4
Umbran Lovers: FOURTH SCENE
Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic the Hedgehog series)
Falco Lombardi(Star Fox series)
Mandy (26 years old)(The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
Joy(Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out)
---Scene Start---
----Near a Ruby Tuesday’s in downtown Buffalo----
(Shadow teleports near the entrance to a Ruby Tuesday’s near downtown Buffalo. Shadow was dressed in a tuxedo, as he wanted to look proper for the occasion. He enters the restaurant, ready to take up his reservations, when he sees a familiar face as the host.)
Shadow: Hello.
(The host looks at him with a surprised face, but realizes who he is. The host was Falco Lombardi, ace pilot of the Star Fox team.)
Falco: Well, well, well. Shadow the Hedgehog! I haven’t seen you since the Brawl Days, my friend!
Shadow: It has been a while, Falco. *sudden realization* Wait…I’m also in Smash 4, remember?
Falco: Oh, right---sorry man.
:iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 0 0
Umbran Lovers Episode 1/Scene 3
Umbran Lovers: THIRD SCENE
Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic the Hedgehog series)
Lightning (Claire Farron)(Final Fantasy XIII)
---Scene Start---
(In Lightning’s Apartment, right across from Shadow’s, they both catch up and talk about what happened with Shadow’s most recent encounter with Joy…they reminisce as they lounge together.)
Shadow: But yeah….it was a hell hole, to say the least….
Lightning: Wow…that’s pretty bad, in all honesty.
Shadow: I actually questioned myself of whether or not, I was actually in hell.
Lightning: Did you and Joy make amends at least?
Shadow: I don’t even know. Joy wants to be friends, even after we almost killed each other. Then the other stuff happened, as you know already.
Lightning: Right….did she really—
Shadow: Yeah.
Lightning: Wow…
Shadow: I’d rather forget all of what happened to be honest.
(Lightning smirks at that remark.)
Lightning: And
:iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 0 0
Umbran Lovers Episode 1/Scene 2
Umbran Lovers: Second Scene
Shadow the Hedgehog
Setting: A random apartment complex, near downtown Buffalo
*Scene Start*
(Bayonetta and Disgust are speaking about a problem that the apartment has been having…meaning Bayonetta is arguing with Disgust about her refusing to pick up a dead mouse on the kitchen floor)
Bayonetta: You know; the dead mouse isn’t going to pick itself up you know?
Disgust: Eww, stop it! I’m not picking it up!
Bayonetta: It’s not going to kill you or anything, love. It’s already dead.
Disgust: I don’t care! They’re so much germs on it, it’s not even funny!
Bayonetta: And yet, they won’t kill you. Just wash your hand afterwards.
Disgust: Or, I can just not touch it at all.
Bayonetta: Love, you can’t be like this with every single thing that has germs in it. There is no enjoyment in that.
Disgust: *sigh* Can you just pick it up, please? I
:iconzecrus-chan:Zecrus-chan 0 0


Lightning returns by thanomluk Lightning returns :iconthanomluk:thanomluk 800 190 What Are You Dreaming by ForkysAnime What Are You Dreaming :iconforkysanime:ForkysAnime 212 25 FF XIII Lightning Summon by CrossDominatriX5 FF XIII Lightning Summon :iconcrossdominatrix5:CrossDominatriX5 85 12 Snow Villiers by Raffi-nyaunyau Snow Villiers :iconraffi-nyaunyau:Raffi-nyaunyau 238 17 Lightning Returns by CharmingIce Lightning Returns :iconcharmingice:CharmingIce 166 21 lock in the heart by khanshin lock in the heart :iconkhanshin:khanshin 392 19 Lightning Dancehall by LightningFDestructiv Lightning Dancehall :iconlightningfdestructiv:LightningFDestructiv 200 25 Just family business by HazuraSinner Just family business :iconhazurasinner:HazuraSinner 1,677 126 Lightning: electric rose by SerenaKaori87 Lightning: electric rose :iconserenakaori87:SerenaKaori87 115 8 final fantasy: Triple Threat by MathiaArkoniel final fantasy: Triple Threat :iconmathiaarkoniel:MathiaArkoniel 2,721 313 The Reunion by trixdraws The Reunion :icontrixdraws:trixdraws 1,350 191 Bloody Lightning by johnjoseco Bloody Lightning :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 623 32 Lightning and Aqua by charlestanart Lightning and Aqua :iconcharlestanart:charlestanart 2,097 112 Light. by moxie2D Light. :iconmoxie2d:moxie2D 2,145 123 Commission : Oerba yun Fang by arcbuncle Commission : Oerba yun Fang :iconarcbuncle:arcbuncle 1,253 145 Lightning FFXIII by diabolumberto Lightning FFXIII :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 841 114


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Ultra Instinct Joy--- Happy Mushin!
Disney/Pixar's Inside Out/ Dragon Ball Super

I am extremely proud of this one! My best work yet!

Basically, i took Joy(one of my waifus) from the movie Inside Out, and gave her the mastery of self movement. Ultra Instinct, a techinique currently mastered only by the angels(recently Goku), has now been reach by Joy, of all of Riley's emotions! This state, allows the user to move without thought, moving out of harm's way(no matter what it is), surpassing that of even the Gods of Destruction. Subarashi!!!

I had alot of fun with this, and i hope you enjoy!

Whenever you go to excavate your bowels, Poopy-chan will always be with you in the bathroom, until you finish. 

Just don't be in there for too long.

Especially if your constipated...Like i said...She will not leave until you are finished. That includes wiping, too.


Buy Poopy-chan Shirts and other stuff here --->…

(This is the stupidest drawing, i've ever done lol haha)
Nani?!---A Peculiarly Angry Emoticon Face
Hey Y'all. It's been a while since my last post, huh?

Yeah, it has, haha.

Now that i'm on break from College, i'm able to be more consistent with my work again, including here in DeviantArt.

So, here's a really weird emoticon, for my first post in a long

Hope you enjoy!

Also, if you want to buy T-shirts and other things with this print on it, here's the link:…

It's much appreciated!



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United States
I'm a 21 year old nerd person who likes to crossover stuff and be cringy 84% of the time!

I hope you all like my art and any cringy content that i come up with!

Here's my redbubble, if you guys are interested in buying merchandise off of me: https/…

I shall have more stuff to sell in that website, within the coming months

Loves and adores!


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